Duotone Pro Wam 2019

4300.00 zł

Czas dostawy: 1-3 days

Duotone Pro Wam 2019 Surfboard

Strapless Pure Surf Directional

The Duotone Pro Wam 2019 is made to ride strapless as many waves as

possible in all conditions! The high performance traditional shape

allows the Pro Wam to rip in many conditions and tackles small to large

waves. A truly all round strapless performance board!

The Pro Wam is made of a light Team construction which makes the board

feel playful under your feet and allows you to make explosive snaps. The

perfect balance between grip and explosiveness ensures that you can put

hard snaps on the lip like never before. The Wam builds super nice

speed and keeps its fine grip at that speed. The new cork design is not

only super good looking but also functional. The Cork Shock Absorber 2.0

dampens shocks and ensures that there are fewer dents in your board.

The Duotone Pro Wam is there for you if you like performance strapless

wave rides in all conditions!


  • Team Construction
  • Epoxy
  • Corks shock absorber
  • Strapless
  • Thruster vin setup
  • New tailpad with extra grip
  • Including fins and tailpad
  • Sizes: 6'0 "X 18" - 27.9L | 5'10 "X 18 - 25.4L | 5'8" X 18 "- 23L | 5'6" X 17 "- 20L
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