Duotone Pro Voke CSC 2019

4300.00 zł

Czas dostawy: 1-3 days

Pure strapless freestyle

100% strapless freestyle beast! The Duotone Pro Voke is undoubtedly the

first choice of strapless freestyle king Airton Cozzolino! The Duotone

Pro Voke CSC 2019 is a completely new board within the surfboard range

of Duotone designed for unmatched strapless freestyle action!

The new Duotone Pro Voke CSC has a symmetrical outline that makes the

Voke predictably rotate around its axis through air for air tricks,

shove-its and easy 'fins-first' riding. At the bottom of the board you

can immediately see a clear deep double barrel channel. This channel

splits, as it were, the water at the landings so you will land super

smooth without losing your momentum and can easily ride away again.

The relatively straight narrow outline gives the board maximum speed

and stability. The Pro Voke's pop is gigantic, due to the straight rail

line and optimized thruster vin setup. Under the top layer of the deck

is a super nice Cork Shock Absorber fitted that not only look very nice

but also works as a shock absorber.

CSC stands for Compact Surf Concept. The CSC surfboards from Duotone are

short, compact, stable, very controllable and easy to ride. Because the

CSC boards are so short, they are very suitable for doing 'airs'.

These airs are fun because that is where surfing with a kiteboard really

distinguishes itself from traditional golf surfing.

The Pro Voke CSC 2019 is made up of a very light team constrution.

Duotone uses a new tailpad technique in 2019 that gives extreme grip

compared to the traditional tail pads. The Pro Voke is strong, compact

and the 100% strapless freestyle competition board from Airton Cozzolino

and Duotone.


  • Light team construction
  • Corck Shock Absorber 2.0
  • Vacuum Epoxy Custom
  • Strapless freestyle
  • Thruster setup
  • Including fins and tailpad
  • Nasza najnowsza kolekcja


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