Duotone Nugget CSC 2019

3850.00 zł

Czas dostawy: 1-3 days

Duotone Nugget CSC 2019 Surfboard

Wave / lightning directional surfboard

Maximum fun in minimal conditions! That is guaranteed with the Duotone

Nugget CSC 2019. With low wind quickly on the water and a lot of fun in

small waves, the Nugget is there to provide your session with maximum


The wider outline of the Duotone Nugget 2019 ensures that the board will

quickly plan in low winds. On the small waves, the Nugget builds up

speed fast so you can even surft the smallest waves. The Nugget 2019 is

easy to ride upwind even in low winds. Because the Nugget has a

directional shape, the Nugget is very well suited to make some nice

transitions with and to master your first time jibing or tacking.

Whether you want to ride with straps or strapless, the Nugget can do it

all. Inserted in the deck are inserts so you can also ride the Nugget

with straps to achieve super high speeds and more controll. The

fin-setup of the Duotone Nugget CSC 2019 consists of a so-called quad

setup, 4 fins, this setup ensures that the board easily makes fast

speed, which of course is very nice in minimal conditions.

CSC stands for Compact Surf Concept. The CSC surfboards from Duotone are

short, compact, stable, very controllable and easy to ride. Because the

CSC boards are so short, they are very versatile. The paralel outline

of the Duotone Nugget CSC, and other CSC boards, ensures that the

Duotone CSC boards ride smoothly through choppy water.

The Duotone Nugget CSC 2019 is made of a Bamboo Tec Construction and is

very strong. A cork shock absorption has been incorporated in the

construction, as a result of which shocks in, for example, choppy

conditions are to a large extent damped. In the design you can see a

concave and a grail. The Duotone Nugget CSC 2019 makes the most of

minimal conditions!


  • Early planing

  • Good upwind ability

  • Vaccuum Bamboo Tec Construction

  • Cork shock absorption

  • Light weather conditions

  • Tailpad with extreme grip

  • Straps and strapless

  • Including fins and tailpad

  • Sizes: 5'3 "X 21" - 30.9L | 5'0 "X 20" - 25L

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