Duotone Gambler 2019

2490.00 zł

Czas dostawy: 1-3 days


Wakestyle / Park Riding

The optimum board for wakestyle and park riding, a board that takes it all no matter what, making it the best choice for Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll.

Key Features

Duotone Gambler 2019

Generous rocker

Generous rocker for the optimum release and landing control.

Deep channels

Deep channels to ensure grip and control, even without without fins.

Robust and durable construction

Exceedingly robust and durable construction further enhanced by Slick Base for park riding.

Hard Flex

The most aggressive flex and an incredible pop. Hard Flex generates dynamic power development when jumping and more stiffness for better control on hard landings.

Slick Base

The Slick Base is perfect for hitting obstacles, the deep channels ensure the board performs impeccably even without fins.

Biax Fibre Construction

For the best dampening and comfort, perfect for technical tricks.


Duotone Gambler 2019

Freestyle Hooked Edge grip / Smooth landingsFreestyle Unhooked Pop / Stable landingsFreeride Upwind / ComfortSIZESWEIGTHFINSET

S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30

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